Unus Annus - Post Mortem

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1.5 Million people were watching as we laid Unus Annus to rest. Thank you for turning these past 365 days into something truly special. Without you, it wouldn't have mattered at all. Memento Mori.

Faceless Canadian
Faceless Canadian Pred 27 minutami
I'm so happy I got to watch from the start to the very last second
Maximaz Gaming
Maximaz Gaming Pred 40 minutami
This was genius
Noah Shipley Folk
Noah Shipley Folk Pred uro
I think this was amazing any time I look at old videos and memories I just remember how it ended.
MarvelousMeister Pred uro
What is Unus Annus?
Murder Sheep
Murder Sheep Pred uro
Fun fact: Unas annus was based on a 1955 TV show also called unas annus which also went for one year on NBC
2020 couldn't get any worse
Aydin Evans
Aydin Evans Pred uro
i had no idea unus annus existed until i saw this video... i wish i could've seen those videos ):
Vizdrom 97
Vizdrom 97 Pred uro
My dumbass only found out about Unus Annus today...
Tonise Jones
Tonise Jones Pred 2 urami
My dumb behind never knew what unus Annus was
AntDud M.
AntDud M. Pred 2 urami
He speaks wise words. I only truly appreciated juice WRLD when he passed
Francisco Sanchez
Francisco Sanchez Pred 2 urami
What's Unus Annus and what did they do?
Serena K
Serena K Pred 3 urami
I heard about it and even saw it but never watched- lmfao I’m so dumb I wonder if it was good or if I’d binge it. I don’t really care I’ll forget about it in a few months.
Dbdn 182
Dbdn 182 Pred 3 urami
Why am i scared?
Jackgamer Pred 3 urami
Ava Burkett
Ava Burkett Pred 3 urami
Unus Annus will truly go down in youtube history, it was a first for the platform and that channel was a huge impact in its community
Denise Johnson
Denise Johnson Pred 3 urami
There still are some reuploaders
Classified Classified
Classified Classified Pred 3 urami
Please make more content with Ethan in the future. That was probably one of the funniest channels I’ve ever subscribed to.
3229dan Pred 3 urami
Memento Mori Ⓤ🅐 Unus Annus
Bryan Christian Abrigo
Bryan Christian Abrigo Pred 3 urami
Unus Annus was an amazing idea. That "You won't aappreciate something until it ends." thing is really a great idea.
Cringe Worthy
Cringe Worthy Pred 3 urami
Ok but ur still gunna make videos with ethan tho right?
Jadimatic Pred 4 urami
Infinitus Annus, Memento Vita.
FlappyCat2000 Pred 4 urami
That part where he talks about how it's never appreciated till it's gone...anyone else not hear about it until the day it got deleted?
Lizzy Shoto
Lizzy Shoto Pred 4 urami
Thank you, Mark and Ethan.. Thank you so fucking much for making me happy, I've watched you ever since I was 8 and it means so much to me beacuse it helped me through depression. You've both made me laugh through tears and suicidal thoughts, and I'm still hear living and breathing and I couldn't say you haven't helped me out...So thank you to Mark, Ethan, Jacksepticeye. I love you :)
Lizzy Shoto
Lizzy Shoto Pred 4 urami
I'm going to miss it so fucking much...so much, I'm never going to forget Unus Annus.. Fuck I'm cring...
Jayden Cope
Jayden Cope Pred 4 urami
Never watched Unus Annus but this is still sad RIP Unus Annus ????-2020
Alex Pred 4 urami
WAITTTTTT. WAITTTTT mark didn’t shoot Ethan with the paintball gun that he promised in one of the first vids WTF MAN
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred uro
Too bad too sad
Vic580 DURP
Vic580 DURP Pred 4 urami
I missed the masterpiece that was Unus Annus, but I love the message that it gave and the emotions you and the others created with it. Its departure is what drew me back to your channel after all these years, and I'm very glad to see you have only gotten realer and more genuine as time has gone on. Excited to see what you do from here!
crazy fire
crazy fire Pred 4 urami
Yea this idea was still kinda stupid....
StarPrism Gaming
StarPrism Gaming Pred 5 urami
The whole channel was basically a giant mandala. They worked hard on it for a long time, but then they just deleted it. Erased it. And that was the purpose.
Erin Cahill
Erin Cahill Pred 5 urami
You know, this is the second proper loss I've had since I learned to understand my emotions, and im learning a lot about loss and how it affects me. And i think these are good things for people to know about themselves.
Marsh Pred 5 urami
dude wtf, i missed this whole thing. probably one of the coolest youtube projects ive heard of and ill never see any of that content bruh.
Adison Deb
Adison Deb Pred 5 urami
Seeing unus Annus gone for me was like losing my two family members again
Adriana P. H
Adriana P. H Pred 5 urami
Is anybody here after impaulsive mentioned about unnus annus
E Gaming
E Gaming Pred 6 urami
I can still see the channel... Someone is re-uploading every video
IronWolf245x Pred 4 urami
Yes there are fake channels posing as the official channel. The real channel is gone
Holly Hanssen
Holly Hanssen Pred 6 urami
Does anyone else think he’s involved in the FNAF movie? I don’t think he’ll be the main character or anything (I think him playing Phone Guy or Phone Dude is likely) but I think that could be the thing he bleeped out.
itsmelly otm
itsmelly otm Pred 6 urami
bruh i didn’t even kno what unus anus was before this damn video😐
Spookly Pred 6 urami
but i saw unas annus just do a live with u xD ??
kevin pettigrew art
kevin pettigrew art Pred 6 urami
Can I borrow a slice of your voice plz
Rawan Ghuzi
Rawan Ghuzi Pred 6 urami
Y'all ever wondered why Unus Annus ended in Nov 13 when it literally started in Nov 15??
Ezekiel Stutesman
Ezekiel Stutesman Pred 6 urami
Even though it is gone, and I was never apart of it, it affected my sister. This opened my eyes to appreciate things to the fullest of my ability before they are gone, so that one day, I can say that I did everything I could
Austin Zarrella
Austin Zarrella Pred 6 urami
Ooooooh, Mark's not a masochist! He's a sadist😂
Interesting Name
Interesting Name Pred 7 urami
I haven't watched Unus Annus and I am very confused.
It's Just Ava
It's Just Ava Pred 7 urami
so im not saying i cried ahen it finally sunk it when it was gone BUT its exactly what im saying
Austin Brown
Austin Brown Pred 7 urami
mxphead Pred 7 urami
i am so upset that i only found out about it as the livestream was going on an absolutely insane project tho
minij hooi
minij hooi Pred 6 urami
never see it again in it's originality, or at all
jacob fetner
jacob fetner Pred 7 urami
Mark can you please tell me what the other channel is called I want to watch those videos :(
minij hooi
minij hooi Pred 6 urami
I didn't get to watch all of the videos, it really puts it into perspective how short time can be, how much you will miss, and the limited amount of time you have to watch it, I think
Angie C
Angie C Pred 7 urami
Elusive Gamergirl
Elusive Gamergirl Pred 8 urami
My heart hurts now that Unus Annus is gone..... (-__-) 💔
Marc Andrei Margarico
Marc Andrei Margarico Pred 8 urami
Based on my observations, I'm pretty sure Mark loves the word "minutia"...
trnod Pred 8 urami
I didn't even know it existed :)
Milbert Yaeso
Milbert Yaeso Pred 8 urami
Tjerratic Pred 9 urami
What kind of videos was on it
IronWolf245x Pred 4 urami
Some of the weirdest but most original content ever. It was definitely a 18+ channel First video was "Cooking with Sex Toys"
Challenge Accepted
Challenge Accepted Pred 9 urami
Mark seriously is a blessing.
Shadowy Outcomes
Shadowy Outcomes Pred 9 urami
And now YT is flooded with reuploads and someone even has it streaming 24hrs right now. Yikes!
im a dog
im a dog Pred 9 urami
Don't cry because it ended, *be happy because it happened.*
MidnightVoid112 Pred 10 urami
by the time this man turns 60 he is going to be making god tear movies
Elysian _ B.K
Elysian _ B.K Pred 10 urami
This was just a test run for if they could start a cult, 2021 is the launch
nune 2001
nune 2001 Pred 10 urami
I want to meet you before either me or you die then I'll be happy you and Jack and lots of other people but I'll be happy to do such things before I die
• MichaelaDoodlez •
• MichaelaDoodlez • Pred 10 urami
Agent Y
Agent Y Pred 10 urami
I missed it and only got to watch like the first 10 videos or so, kinda sad... the few videos I saw were really funny though, so I guess it was worth it
MiDNight Pred 10 urami
I didn't get to watch all of the videos, it really puts it into perspective how short time can be, how much you will miss, and the limited amount of time you have to watch it, I think this project was a success as always because it really shows the importance of the limited amount of time someone or something could have, and how it feels to miss it and never see it again in it's originality, or at all
Webbedsaucer YT
Webbedsaucer YT Pred 10 urami
My heart drop when it ended
TheIzzidor Pred 10 urami
its the same with filthy frank. that is the day youtube died. if he was still on youtube, he would not be appreciated so much.
Unus Annus
Unus Annus Pred 10 urami
BenTheCartoonist Pred 10 urami
yeah there is already a repost channel
Upsetting Rock
Upsetting Rock Pred 10 urami
Unus Annus brought me so much joy, and I’m sad I only saw like a fifth of all the content.
Livid Pred 11 urami
Guess I've only discovered Unus Annus once existed 374 days late, seems like it was an absolute ride for everyone. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Nathanael Ferster
Nathanael Ferster Pred 11 urami
Memento Mori my dudes
BossAleks123 Pred 11 urami
Why didn’t you give me the channel bro I am poor .I know know Is coming on my comment hate
manolis15 Pred 12 urami
Mark is so wholesome it's admirable
Glitch Coding
Glitch Coding Pred 12 urami
okay, at first I thought that unus annus was just mark and ethan goofing around on youtube for a year to make some non-recordable memories. but after watching this video, and Mark's reasoning behind a channel that would destined to be deleted, and him saying that he's already got some stuff in the making, I've concluded that he's either a cinematic genius, or he's a complete lunatic. I honestly couldn't tell you which one it is, but either way, it's amazing. kudos to you, Markiplier.
Chloe Acosta
Chloe Acosta Pred 12 urami
Will you and Ethan make another collaborative channel in a more relaxed light compared to a timed year?
TapeLord Pred 12 urami
When mark said that someone a year ago asked "why put all this effort into one show to just eventually delete it" but isn't that just life? You work really hard, have a family, friends, and other stuff to just eventually die? Isn't that why life is so precious because we all have a clock ticking and we want to do so much in our life before time runs out.
TheBeastly Pred 12 urami
Bet you won’t delete your own channel
noname required
noname required Pred 12 urami
America is dumb
Diss Missed
Diss Missed Pred 13 urami
This makes sense totally. I had a very severe spiritual emergency and another one came a couple months after. I have goosebumps on my scalp writing this. We are not alone. And aliens? Do not believe for a second they are our God. Think, the opposite......physically and manifested through serious happenings long ago....
Kebab Remover
Kebab Remover Pred 13 urami
I was in the hospital for the last two weeks of Unus Annus and I was unable to see the end personally. Like a father who didn't get to attend his child's funeral, I feel sorrowful. I am glad, however, that I was able to experience such a wonderful thing in the first place... Thank you Mark and Eef for this amazing project. Keep up the good work, you bring hope to us all!
wolf Omega232
wolf Omega232 Pred 13 urami
manz really died and then resurrected himself to make more content.... amazing
XJenny KunX
XJenny KunX Pred 13 urami
Wish id seen it :')
Tobio Kageyama
Tobio Kageyama Pred 13 urami
He scares me when he opens the video by giving us a talk cuz tbh he reminds me of my mom when he talks and it scares me-
Island Fun Time
Island Fun Time Pred 13 urami
Who else watched the whole stream
The real reason you made Unnus Annus is to swim in a Pee sauna with Ethan.
0P fishy Gamer
0P fishy Gamer Pred 13 urami
Whats unnus annus
criptos infinity
criptos infinity Pred 13 urami
This man is like an evil genius
Insanity Gaming
Insanity Gaming Pred 13 urami
“Be grateful for what you have today, for you may not know you are in the good old days until they are over”
Ali Online
Ali Online Pred 14 urami
We will forget Unus Annus, But we won't forget goopty tamberooli...
Tucker Lowery
Tucker Lowery Pred 14 urami
Mark is starting to sound like Dutch from Rdr2
Chad up
Chad up Pred 14 urami
So if if I suicide it doesn’t matter???
Royale Abdullah
Royale Abdullah Pred 14 urami
That's true
Alexine Villalobos
Alexine Villalobos Pred 14 urami
Ok yeah this video is something but your voice is just so relaxing
Isabella Henderson
Isabella Henderson Pred 14 urami
I'm really sad that i couldn't watch the whole live stream. But at the same I'm happy yes okay the channel is gone but we will still have the very goofy memories from it I'm happy that Unus annus happened but upset that i now have to let it go
Kennyboi Pred 15 urami
Heist 2 hype!!
wesley Hart
wesley Hart Pred 15 urami
Did anyone see someone is reloading under the same name.
Oh Oh
Oh Oh Pred 12 urami
Yeah, I never heard of Unus Annus but I Didn't want to click on their videos, I'll respect Mark's wishes-
R_ MC Pred 15 urami
Why is everyone talking about Unnas Annus? What is Unnas Annus? Its like we've all heard, and seen it, but it never existed. You guys are weird ;(
Vincent soto
Vincent soto Pred 15 urami
Bro wtf is unas asss
Paragon Heartless
Paragon Heartless Pred 15 urami
So u can find unas anus again in yt, is it season 2 or reupload from fan?
Avocadogirl07 Pred 15 urami
Think about all the people that doesnt know what unus annus is but just sees all the videos about how it ended
Gordon Jacques
Gordon Jacques Pred 15 urami
This channel is no longer available. Unsubscribe if you’d like to remove it. No, I don’t think I will.
Pale Fox VA
Pale Fox VA Pred 15 urami
I wish I was around to experience it but I never even knew it existed...I hate when I miss out on experiences like this..
Andri UwU
Andri UwU Pred 16 urami
I just found out this existed, I'm kinda disappointed because I can't watch whatever this was I literally saw someone drawing fanart of this in a discord server and I thought it was about a character made by them It was this, how have I never heard of this?
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